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Hello!  My name is Margie.  Welcome to "My Favorite Photos" Gallery. I am a wife and mother and aspiring photographer.  I love my dogs (especially my Golden Retriever, Kai - shhh.. don't tell the little one) and they are often the subjects of my photos.

I love taking pictures and looking at pictures.  My goal is to get the perfect shot.  I may still have a way to go but I love to practice.   I have always enjoyed capturing moments with a camera.  I strive to be as artistic as possible in my picture taking and love displaying my best shots.  I'm an avid scrapbooker and have many, many photo albums displaying tons of pictures of family, vacations and landscape.

I always say I want to be a Photographer when I grow up.  I'm almost grown up now so I've decided I should move a little closer to that goal.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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